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Inspiration and Education: Educating through performance, workshops, and courses

Educating Through Performance

As stories are shared, the listener and teller are changed. With each story I work on or with, I aim to make a positive change on those working on it and on those watching it. By infusing my writing and directing with this intentionality, I can help audiences connect with performances and be open to the stories they hear. I hope to combine performance with education to make a difference in the people I encounter with my work.


Photo Credit: Andrew Perry

Trailer Credit: Riley Singh

Not Alone

Bedlam Theatre 2018

You are not alone. You are believed, loved, and supported as you move forward however you may choose to.

These words were the focus of Not Alone, a weekend of spoken word, short plays, and workshops around the issue of sexual assault and harassment. Through the event, we actively supported and empowered survivors to express themselves. The event as a whole was a platform for unheard stories to be shared, different experiences to be understood, and individuals to see how they could make active change in their daily lives to be better allies to survivors. With workshops, new writing, and other performances, this event was for survivors and those who wished to become better allies.

As creative director of the event and a workshop facilitator, I saw first hand the lasting change that performance and workshops going hand in hand can make. The performances helped with healing for those who resonated with them. For others, it presented new perspectives they had not considered. For audience members that were inspired in that way, workshops gave them somewhere to start. The performances opened the door and the workshops gave the tools so that individuals were empowered to help others and their communities.  They gained tools to make changes in their lives to support survivors and work against sexual assault and harassment.

This format combining inspiration, healing, and education through performance and workshops is core to the work I aim to do. I hope to be involved in many more projects that create such a tangible effect on community members.

A book is open on a stack of three books. Behind them is a filled white bookshelf.


As a course designer, I have developed self-paced modules creating customized assessments with branching options to support learner engagement and deeper learning. Throughout their development, I synthesized multiple sources including leading experts’ input to design compelling content for courses and integrated storytelling to make course content more memorable and impactful. 

Yellow, pink, and orange sticky notes with writing on them on a white wall.


In my workshops, I strive to provide a safe environment for all participants no matter their background or experiences with the topics. I draw on outside resources including community involvement and other professionals engaging diverse resources. I design workshops and work with facilitators or facilitating myself to tailor the content to participants at different levels of knowledge. My primary experience is with teaching participants about gender-based violence, how to be an active ally to survivors of sexual assault, gender, and sexuality. 

Not Alone: An example of educating through workshops and performance

Not Alone Trailer
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