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From short plays to full-length productions, I have experience working with a range of styles, lengths, and genres. I prioritize creating a safe environment for theatre artists and helping the audience fully connect with the production whether humorous or weighty. I enjoy working with everything from traditional productions to musical theatre to immersive productions to physical theatre and everything in between. I also have experience directing virtually.

If you have a production that you would like to discuss me directing, please reach out!

Trailer Credit: Andrew Perry

Never None (but She)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

For Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 with my company Asterglow Theatre, I directed the 4-star show Never None (but She) which was shortlisted for a Scottish Theatre Award. In addition to working with and directing the actors both virtually and in-person, I choreographed movement theatre, collaborated with designers, and built on original acapella music to successfully develop this production.
A greyscale picture with a dark haired woman in the center wearing a coat and messenger bag with her hands up slightly away from her head mid speaking. In front of her turned away from the camera is a woman with curly light hair. To the left of the picture is a man looking down wearing a leather jacket and glasses. Behind him is a woman with her hair in a ponytail.

Photo Credit: Gavin Smart

Ghost Quartet

2.1.6 Productions

While co-directing Dave Malloy’s Ghost Quartet in the immersive setting of Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar, I incorporated aspects of physical theatre, audience participation, and traditional storytelling. These components supported the creation of an experimental and engaging production that explored casting fifteen actors for the various parts instead of the customary four.

A woman with short dark hair is standing on the left holding a phone to her ear. She is wearing a dark blue dress and a black shawl with white stars. She looks concerned. The phone cord is attached to a black upright rotary phone on a black stand in the center of the picture. On the right there are three people standing close together one of which is also holding a phone whose cord is attached to the stand. The background is dark with the actors lit.

Photo Credit: Andrew Perry


Bedlam Theatre

With the Candlewasters repertoire, I directed three pieces of new writing in a variety of genres. With "Hitwomen of Highbury", we played with extremes to heighten the humor. In "Elevator", we successfully explored the physicality of staging a cramped elevator and hotel lobby on a shoestring budget. And lastly, with "Instagrammable" I focused on the emotion and proxemics of the staging of this visceral and relevant short play.

Grey Areas & Continue On

As part of Not Alone

In addition to my work as creative director, as the director of these two short plays, I prioritized creating a safe space to explore difficult emotions and concepts. The event as a whole was a platform for unheard stories to be shared and different experiences to be understood. As I helped the actors connect with the stories they were telling, I shaped the visual story on stage.

Grey scale picture of the face of a woman with her hair in a ponytail. She is facing left and looks distressed. She is wearing a hoop earring, thin necklaces, and a sweater. She is indoors

Photo Credit: Riley Singh

Never None (but She) Trailer
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