Image by Joanna Kosinska

Educating through:

  • Performance

  • Workshops 

  • Courses

Shorts and one-act plays ranging from weighty topics to humorous adventures

  • Traditional productions

  • Musical theatre

  • Immersive productions

  • Physical theatre

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Who I Am &

What I Do

I am a playwright, director, and educator who in each of my roles helps audiences connect with underprioritized stories and feel empowered to create change. Through my directing and writing, I help audiences connect with underprioritized experiences and stories. Through workshops, courses, and live performances, I educate audiences and give them tools to help others. Most of all I am motivated to make positive change through my art and work.

Five women stand on a thrust facing different directions with blue toned fairy lights on a black curtain behind them. The one furthest left and directly in front of the black curtain faces forward wearing a black dress. In focus center left is a woman with dark hair wearing black jeans, a black crop top and a red flannel. She is looking slightly up and oriented to the front left corner. Center stage facing forward is a slightly out of focus woman with blond hair in a braid wearing a blue skirt, white top, and a denim apron. She is looking forward seriously. Close to the curtain center right is an out of focus woman in a black dress facing forward. Lastly on the far right is a woman with brown hair wearing a white dress looking up and oriented facing right.


Please send me a message if you would like to commission one of my existing (or new!) plays or workshops, want to collaborate on a project, or feel I may be a good fit in your organization or team!

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Photo Credit: Andrew Perry

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